About US


Partex Beverage Limited (PBL) began its commercial production in the year 1997, as the sole bottler of Royal Crown Cola Co, USA. It was the first beverage brand to enter the Bangladesh market after the commonly known Coke and Pepsi.
  PBL started bottling in the traditional glass bottles, but soon started bottling all their beverage products in PET Bottles. They were the pioneers of this kind of packaging in Bangladesh and hence captured a big slice of the beverage market. At present, there are more than 7 companies producing carbonated beverages Bangladesh, but PBL can proudly say that they are 2nd largest market share holder in the carbonated beverage market in Bangladesh.
  In the year 2000, PBL began to expand by backward integration by producing their own PET preforms and were the only bottlers doing this at that time, for a number of years. PBL now has the largest bottle blowing and preform making capacity in Bangladesh.
  PBL launched its drinking water MUM in the year 2001. This product instantly became the market leader in the water market, and still holds the highest market share till date. MUM has now become one of the strongest and most trusted brands in Bangladesh.
  Distribution is one of PBL’s greatest strengths; it has more than a hundred distributors around the country, serving more than 10 Million outlets in rural and urban areas. PBL’s products have also started going beyond borders, and they plan to increase their footprint in the year to come.
  Innovation and pro-activeness have always been the vital drivers of PBL’s success. PBL’s mission has always been to provide value at an affordable cost, progress in diversity, and to contribute to the growth of industrialization in Bangladesh.